Poor Blood Flow To Your Feet

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While sometimes the problem is a result of sitting in a position that inhibits proper blood flow poor circulation is also sometimes the sign of a more serious health issue such as peripheral vascular. Many people with diabetes experience discomfort in their legs and feet with symptoms such as cramping numbness tingling and pain.

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Since these arteries are narrow its more difficult for blood to flow to these areas leading to poor circulation.

Poor blood flow to your feet. Apply aloe vera gel. One of the other common health-related issues that can lead to poor circulation in the legs is diabetes. Your doctor may want to treat you for peripheral arterial disease PAD if you have poor circulation and high blood pressure or cholesterol.

While poor circulation in the feet is not a disease on its own its often the sign of another medical health issue that prevents proper circulation of blood to the distant extremities. Peripheral arterial disease PAD occurs when plaque builds up in the arteries atherosclerosis reducing blood flow to the limbs. Because your feet are so far away from your heart they are a common place to experience poor circulation 2.

Poor circulation is a common problem that is experienced in extremities such as your feet 2. The term diabetes foot is related to poor circulation and indicates that a person has a. This is also a great opportunity to check your feet for signs of diabetes-related damage.

When this condition occurs the amount of blood the flows to your feet will be reduced leading to poor circulation. The culprits may be poor circulation nerve damage or both and the underlying causes are referred to as peripheral arterial disease PAD and peripheral neuropathyWhile both appear to be triggered by high blood glucose levels and some of their symptoms. Symptoms of Poor Circulation in Feet If you have poor circulation youll probably experience several different symptoms.

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Increasing blood flow to your legs and improving your venous return is important helping to prevent varicose veins or if you already have them stop them getting worse. For instances you might notice tingling in your feet weakness or numbness. Your body retains water usually around the ankles as a response to poor blood circulation.

Poor foot circulation is sometimes caused by obesity lack of exercise or poor food choices. To improve blood flow to your feet lower your high blood pressure or cholesterol by taking medications exercising and eating a healthy diet. This water pools and forces the skin to expand.

Youll need to look at whether poor circulation could also be involved. If you have poor circulation not enough oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood is getting pumped through all of the tiny blood vessels in your feet 2 3. A less common condition Raynauds disease causes chronic cold fingers and feet due to the narrowing of the arteries in the hands and toes.

Inadequate blood flow to the legs in particular is common among the elderly and people with underlying health issues. But no matter who you are there are steps you can take to improve your. While this is an unpleasant symptom of impaired blood flow there are also far more serious symptoms and complications that can occur when there is poor circulation to the feet like blood clots chronic pain swelling and immobility.

Peripheral artery disease PAD is the narrowing of blood vessels and arteries which lead to the reduction of blood flow to your feet. Massage your feet with gentle circular motions traveling from your heels to your toes. Swelling is extremely common during pregnancy due to certain illnesses and when youve been on your feet all day.

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Sometimes it is a symptom of an underlying condition. There are many causes of poor circulation some of which are related to unhealthy lifestyle choices. The body transports blood oxygen and nutrients to cells.

Many people attribute cold feet to poor circulation. 7 changes that improve blood flow to your legs 1. Poor circulation in your calves ankles and feet is typically heralded by a prickly feeling or even complete numbness in the lower extremities.

The first indication of poor circulation is usually a problem with the hands feet or legs. Some people also have cramping in the leg or feel a sense of coldness in the area. Poor circulation in the feet can cause the feet to become cold discolored or numb.

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