Blood Flow In The Heart Song

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Arteries carry the blood away Veins come back to the heart all day 60000 miles it goes Around and through the heart it flows. Blood Flow Through the Heart.

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By Lindsay Sheffield and Caroline Kauffman.

Blood flow in the heart song. The aortic valves where the Blood leaves the heart then its channeled to the rest of the bod. The blood is then pumped through the main artery that supplies blood to the body called the aorta to supply tissues throughout your body with oxygen. Its going to have to go away from the heart.

Through the larger vena cava to the atrium and lungs. Finding a relaxing melody that slows the heart rate reduces blood pressure and improves blood flow for opera buffs and rock-and-roll fans alike would make it easier to offer music therapy. In the veins the blood is blue Deoxygenated yes thats true But in the arteries its red To carry oxygen throughout its said.

And any time I mention the word vein I just want you to make sure you think of blood going towards the heart. PUMP YOUR BLOOD SONG – VERSE TWO. Blood flows through the heart in 12 easy steps.

Oxygen-rich blood is delivered by coronary arteries that extend over the surface of your heart. Always remember that it must flow through 6 areas on the right side and then 6 areas on the left side this equals 12 steps. For better illustration look at the picture below and note how the right and left side are separated.

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One thrust of current research in music therapy is to see if specific sounds or tempos affect the heart regardless of the listeners musical preferences. Apparently a long time ago on Happy Days one of the characters sang this song to remember the blood flow in the heart for a test or something like that. Pump pump pumps your Blood.

We hope this helps you remember the blood flow through the heart. This channel is going to produce unlimited tri. Blood enters right ventricle through tricuspid valve3.

The heart is a complex organ using four chambers four valves and multiple blood vessels to provide blood to the bodyBlood flow itself is equally complex involving a cyclic series of steps that move blood trough the heart and to the lungs to be oxygenated deliver it throughout the body then bring blood back to the heart to re-start the process. Deoxygenated blood enters right atrium through Superior and Inferior Vena Cava2. Your heart is nourished by blood too.

A beating heart contracts and relaxes. POTSIE Pump pump pumps your blood. So thats how the blood gets back to the heart.

The arteries arterioles and capillaries too bring the oxygenated Blood to the cells. One two one two three. For Biology we had to make up a song with the parts of the heart in the order which the blood flows through it.

Drop it like its Hot – Snoop Dogg ft. Pump pump pumps your Blood. And were back to where we started in the heart I found these lyrics on a webpage about Happy Days.

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POTSIE GOES TO HEART ON DESK AND POINTS WITH HIS FINGER SINGS. This song is available on Robin Wallings Science in Song. This is the first ever channel for biology tricks for those students who found difficulty in learning Biology.

Malph bones Lori Beth kazoo. The name of this tune is Pump Your Blood. Now if blood is going towards the heart then after the blood is pumped by the heart its going to have to go out to the heart.

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