Give The Flower To Tifa Or Marlene

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I like her toned arms. Posted by 1 year ago.

Flowers To Tifa Or Marlene Something Hard To Decide Youtube

Or whatever substitute you would use for a papa.

Give the flower to tifa or marlene. I dont feel like it No change Give me something hard 5 Tifa When Tifa accuses Cloud of leaving her his childhood friend. Then again he does get weird flirty with tifa anyway with options to answer next to you it was great or something like that when she asks how he slept. Sorry marlene for now I will give tifa flowers.

Giving the flower to Tifa will increase your affection value with her and giving it to. In the 7th Heaven Bar if Cloud has a flower. Talking to Marlene will continue the quest while the others will simply direct Cloud to Marlene.

Because if Tifa sees that youre good with children it will make her wet. After this Barret Marlene Wallace or Tifa can be talked to in order to proceed. All head inside the Seventh Heaven and at the door Tifa will be given a flower by Cloud.

The player can choose whom to give the flower to. Tifa is beautiful I always pick her for the gold saucer date that flower is destined for her hands but I cant be the only one nerding out over the pinball machines in the back lol. Tifa may be young but she probably got them maternal instincts.

Give it to Tifa 5 Tifa Give it to Marlene 5 Barret If Cloud talks to Tifa while shes behind the bar. Talk to Jessie twice on the train home from the first mission. Original Poster 7 points 1 year ago.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. You guys Cloud is wearing the flower that he just got from Aerith. The only way it affects peoples affection is giving it to Tifa for 5 Tifa affection I usually do this because I usually go.

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Rubs me the wrong way. Gives flower to Tifa 52 comments. Outside Seventh Heaven Cloud will meet with Tifa and give her the yellow flower then head inside.

Sorry but no OCs only cannon characters. Since you cant give the flower to Marlene to get points this time around I wonder if taking the flower gives you points with Tifa and Aerith and not taking it gives you nothing. 6 points 1 year ago.

And thats not even mentioning Marlenes declaration that Aerith smells like our flower upon meeting her in Seventh Heaven Tifas bar This list is not comprehensive unfortunately cataloguing every tender moment between them would simply drop-kick this articles word count into orbit so well leave it here. And what good mama dont want a good papa for her young. Give it to Tifa 5 Tifa.

Sector 5 flower to tifa or marlene. This thread is archived. Option 3 – keep it.

If you want to date Aerith you DONT want to buy the flower. Inside Tifa will ask you to spend some time with Marlene as she winds up work and closes the bar. Advent Children the six-year-old Marlene is unaffected by Geostigma unlike many other children living in Edge the town built on the outskirts of the ruined MidgarShe has adopted Aeriths hairstyle.

9 points 1 year ago. They kept them in and please let it be the same underground secret elevator switch. Thanks anyway — Looking forward to it -3 Tifa When you enter Seventh Heaven and you have a flower.

I will do share 4 shares once I get use to all of this. Jerrynsteph4eva – 2 years ago 4 1. I just dont like the way Tifa presumes the flowers are for her.

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During Final Fantasy VII. Marlene impersonates Barret in Advent Children Complete. Running the game by character in the first disc isnt important though honestly any choice you take will only show.

Give it to Tifa to get a relationship boost with her or give it to Marlene to boost your relationship with Barret. Cloud gives Tifa the flower. -give it to Marlene-give it to Tifa.

Hello this page is for fun and also roleplaying. She is close to Denzel a boy taken in by Cloud and Tifa and the four used to live in Tifas new bar in Edge. Android iOS iPhoneiPad Nintendo Switch PC PlayStation Xbox One.

Marlene The Flower Of Hope Strife. In the original if you took the flower you had the option to give it to either Tifa or Marlene which would net you points with either oneBarret not Marlene ALONG with Aerith. Once you reach 7th Heaven you are given the option to offer the flower as a gift to either Tifa or Marlene.

Final Fantasy VII PlayStation 4. You have to look at the big pictureThis guy gets it. Then again flowers arent really flirty but a sign of affection so yeah character wise marlene seems the right choice.

Only time I gave it to Tifa was to see what she said and how things went differently and I dont remember the difference being much. I usually give it to Marlene when I get to this part.

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