Ultrasonic Flow Meter For Flare Gas

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Flare gas Track down or prevent losses from leakage with positive material identification Account for total plant throughput of material Reduce cost of steam usage with proportional control Conserve energy by eliminating unnecessary flaring Comply with government. With this type of performance however come high costs ranging from 50000-100000 per installation.

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Sino-Insts Flare Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meter offer reliable and accurate volume flow measurement in a large range of sizes and pressure rating while being fully compliant with international standards.

Ultrasonic flow meter for flare gas. Ultrasonic gas flow meters are one of the most reliable solutions for challenging gas flow measurement applications. The DigitalFlow GF868 flowmeter is a complete ultrasonic flow metering system for. Ultrasonic flow measurement is the ideal technology when it comes to flare gas applications as it is fully dependent on gas properties and will not interfere with the flow of the gas.

Our transducer technology is also ideal for shale gas and coal seam gas wellhead applications. They tolerate some condensed liquid are not affected by gas composition and endure fluctuations in pressure and temperature. Ultrasonic Flow Meters are very accurate and are an effective tool to measure flare gas.

BHGE Panametrics is the standard bearer for ultrasonic flare mass flow measurement. Sino-Inst is the risk-free choice for your gas flow measurement applications. The FLOWSIC100 Flare product family is designed for flare gas and steam flow measurements.

To comply with regulations oil and gas companies need new flow meter alternatives that are accurate durable reliable and economical. This innovative design minimizes flow-generated noise and signal drift when gas velocities are particularly high. Ultrasonic Flow Meters are highly accurate and are a useful tool to measure flare gas.

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Panametrics Flare Gas Mass Ultrasonic Flowmeter with Extended Performance Range. With this type of performance however come high costs ranging from 50000-100000 per installation. The non-invasive ultrasonic transit-time flow measurement technology employed by FLUXUS is the ideal metering solution for flare gas applications.

This ultrasonic flowmeter is used globally in Oil Gas and Petrochemical industries for mass balance of plant and a critical component for flareIQ advance process control solution. Multi-path ultrasonic flow meters have been widely used for flare gas measurement but they are extremely expensive and have marked limitations. This causes the acoustic signal to travel in the pipe and not to the second transducer across the pipe.

Fluenta has been a global leader in ultrasound technology and its application in flare gas measurement since its inception in 1985 and has more than 30 years expertise in the technology including thousands of deployments often in some of the most hostile environments in the world where safety and accuracy are paramount. USING CLAMP-ON ULTRASONIC FLOWMETERS FOR FLARE Clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters cant measure low-pressure flared gas in a metallic pipe because the flared gas has lower acoustic impedence than metallic pipes. Washlon Group Corporation is one of the largest high-tech manufacturer specializing in designing manufacturing and supplying reliable industrial flow meters measuring instrument measuring instrument pressure measuring instrument temperature measuring instrument and analytical instrumentwe are leading flow meters manufacturer supplier in China.

As the transducers are mounted onto the outside of the pipe wall there are no moving parts and thus no interference with the flow in any way. These flowmeters use ultrasonic transducers and focus on monitoring velocity based on the use of sound waves sent through the material in the pipe. Sierra Instruments designs and manufactures high-performance thermal mass flow meters and controllers immersible thermal mass flowmeters vortex flow meters and transit-time ultrasonic flow meters for nearly every gas liquid or steam application.

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The product family is characterized by a unique flow-optimized sensor design. The FGM 160 provides flow mass flow molecular weight and a range of other data through all commonly used industrial protocols. The DigitalFlow GF868 Panametrics flare gas mass ultrasonic flow meter with extended performance range from GE company Baker Hughes distributed by HMA Instrumentation uses the patented Correlation Transit-Time technique digital signal processing and an accurate method of calculating molecular weight.

They tolerate some condensed liquid are not affected by gas composition and endure fluctuations in pressure and temperature. Flow Meters and Advanced Flowmeter Instrumentation Achieve More Accurate and Repeatable Flow Measurement. Designed for the most rugged environments and deployed in harsh conditions around the world this field computer provides accurate measurement of flare gas across a wide range of operating parameters.

The all-metal transducers are installed into the pipes and each act as signal generators and receivers for the ultrasonic signals. Ultrasonic flowmeters are one of the numerous technologies for monitoring the flow of fluid through a pipe. Our ultrasonic gas flow meters can be used in a variety of applications including flare gas stack gas and steam.

The ultrasonic transducerisembeddedinaflowoptimized sensorshapequalifiedforhighspeedgas flowconditions. At the heart of the system is the FGM 160 flare gas meter. Theuniquedesignreduces flownoiseandsignaldrifttoaminimum and enables stable and reliable measure- ment results at very high gas velocities.

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