How To Use Orawellness Pocket Applicator

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She was very impressed and said keep using it. I started to see improvement right away.

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However if you choose to do this we suggest using the HealThy Mouth Blend by itself dont add waterThe reason is that since the blend is made of oils it wont mix with water.

How to use orawellness pocket applicator. Its not periodontal disease. In this video Dr. I hope it is because of what the dental hygenist said about my gums being so tight against my teeth and not that I am uncoordinated Regardless I finally started working.

Delivers hydrogen peroxide and silver colloid to the bottom of deep pockets. Read Susans story to learn how she. I applied the information steadfastly because I was determined to heal myself as well as prove the dentist wrong when she told me that the condition was non-reversible and incurable.

A year ago pockets were 45s a few 89s now mostly 2s and a couple of 4s. Can you use the HealThy Mouth Blend in the Pocket Applicator. Here is the system that can provide you with the tools education and feedback that are necessary to stop the destruction and in some cases to even help you reverse existing damage in your own mouth.

The applicator is very helpful and can play a key role in healing the gum back up. How do I begin using the HealThy Mouth System. Holistic oral health solutions for tooth decay cavities gum disease bleeding gums gum recession periodontal disease and root canals.

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Add to cart. They are either expired or are not currently valid. Basically it is made up of syringe designed to reach an infected gum pocket and deriver healing solutions.

SALE Pocket Applicator Replacements starting from 10. My Pocket Applicator is broken. It is easy to use and gently accesses up to 90 of the depth of a 6 millimeter pocket.

How long will the HealThy Mouth System last before I need to purchase. I have paid for 5 dental exams over the past 3 years and they documented widespread regrowth of gums and simultaneous reduction of gum pocket depths. Using the Orawellness HealThy Mouth blend bass brushing and simple gum-pocket irrigation as they directed I reversed long-standing gingivitis.

Recommended by dentists around the world Everyone that is interested in oral health should watch your videos AND every dental professional should be required to watch them. After using the Pocket Applicator for just a few days I already noticed that the bad smell and the bleeding that I had been experiencing had reduced. After using the pocket applicator for just a few days I already noticed that the pain I had been experiencing was less.

When finished press all the way down on the plunger to expel all of the solution into the sink. Three months on and the first of the two applicator tips from my first order is still going strong have not even come close to using the spare. Use the applicator around your mouth.

I must say the pocket applicator was a bit of a challenge I cant tell you how many times I watched the video because I didnt feel like I was getting it. These offers have not been verified to work. The pocket applicator is the tool necessary to access deep gum pockets in order to effectively stop infection in gum pocketsDetails Click to see.

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If youve been diagnosed with periodontal disease or have signs of advanced gum disease like receding gums loose teeth abscessed tooth or pus. Orawellness Pocket Applicator – replacement 1440 Only 9 left. Rinse the applicator in warm running water.

Balance your oral flora today. To improve periodontal pocket cleaning and reduce pocket depth you can use a Waterpik Water Flosser with the Pik Pocket Tip. The toothbrush has rounded tops on each set of bristles rather than flat.

How do I know if I need the HealThy Mouth System. Initially I used the pocket applicator until pockets had shrunk also saw a periodontist for a deep clean which wasnt that bad to be honest as most of the inflammation had gone due to using orawellness oil a. The OraWellness pocket applicator provides you the tool to effectively stop thug bugs even 12mm deep in infected gum pockets.

Due to some reviews i had doubts as to the durability of this product so i decided to buy a second item in case the first broke. 20 off any order. View full details 1440 Only 9 left.

It features a soft rubber tip designed for low-pressure delivery of therapeutic rinses. Its easy to have fresh breath brighter stronger teeth healthy gums when you address the root cause of oral health problems. My mouth feels dirty on the days I cannot use Orawellness.

Just be aware that it is possible to block. Youre dealing with a defect in the buccal p. Yes you can use the HealThy Mouth Blend in the Pocket Applicator.

Fill the applicator with fresh warm water several times flushing out all solution from the applicator and its tip. Simon starts sharing a case with an 11mm pocket on the buccal. What should I do if I dont know the depth of my gum pockets.

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Expired and Not Verified OraWellness Promo Codes Offers. Pocket Applicator This is the best tool available and is specifically reach into your gum pockets. You will get the Healthy Mouth Blend a pocket applicator – designed to reach deep into gum pockets specially designed toothbrush an educational video and the healthy mouth handbook.

How can I fix it. The technique relies on brushing with small micro-motions and an angle right along the base of the teeth using a special toothbrush designed to really get into the gumline the pockets that basically are receding gums. I applied the information steadfastly because I was determined to heal myself as well as prove the dentist wrong when she told me that the condition was non-reversible and incurable.

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