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Copy and save the key somewhere safe- you wont be able to retrieve it afterwards. Application Insights AI and Log Analytics LA from Microsoft Azure provide easy and inexpensive ways to instrument applications.

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You can Author a query in Log Analytics and pin it to Azure dashboard to visualize a log query.

Log analytics query application insights. Application Insights log-based metrics let you analyze the health of your monitored apps create powerful dashboards and configure alerts. Try the new query language. The API key can be generated in the Azure portal.

– Data related to code-level application performance level ie few of them are ping URL tests page view counts page view load data HTTP requests dependency calls exceptions and stack traces custom events and metrics that you code trace logs AJAX calls user and session. Querying across Application Insights apps Refer to an external application by using an app identifier. What you need is the Application Insights Component Contributor and Application Insights Snapshot Debugger roles on the applications insights instance as described in the Resources roles and access control in Application Insights page.

Today we support querying across multiple apps or across multiple workspaces providing a true system-wide view on your data. There are two methods to query data that is stored in multiple workspace and apps. Log-based metrics behind the scene are translated into Kusto queries from stored events.

With these roles you can create and edit existing functions as well as shared queries. When youve got any type of requirement to do this programmatically and work with the data in other ways theres good news. The article shows you how to create a cross-service query and add the Log Analytics or Application Insights workspace to the Azure Data Explorer Web UI.

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Using just an instrumentation key any application can send operational data to AI which can then provide a rich array of tools to monitor the operation of the application. The new and improved Azure Log Analytics announced recently provides aj powerful query language with built-in Smart Analytics. Next form your query using Kusto Query Language KQL.

If youre querying exclusively Application Insights please use option 3 querying from within Application Insights. Copy the connection string. Standard metrics are stored as pre-aggregated time series.

To begin access your Application Insights instance and open the Logs window. HTTP requests are one of those datapoints stored in the underlying Log Analytics workspace. In our case we want a simple dump of all rows in the pageViews table so the query is simple just pageViews.

When you integrate Azure Application Insights into your web applications a lot of telemetry is captured and made available for querying and visualizing. Azure Monitor Logs support query across multiple Log Analytics workspaces and Application Insights app in the same resource group another resource group or another subscription. Track an Analytics query in a dashboard Dan Hadari Senior Program Manager Cloud Enterprise Now you can continuously monitor any Analytics query computed from your telemetry in Visual Studio Application Insights and display the results on an Azure shared dashboard.

You can now apply the powerful Analytics query language to high-volume NoSQL data streams that you import from any source. Recently the language and the platform it operates on have been integrated into Log Analytics which allows us to introduce a wealth of new capabilities and a new portal designed for advanced analytics. You can query your Log Analytics or Application Insights workspace using Azure Data Explorer query tools and in a cross-service query.

The number of Application Insights resources and Log Analytics workspaces that you can include in a single query is limited to 100. The application Application Insights resource id and an API key. You can display the results in Power BI or Azure dashboards and get alerts if specified thresholds are crossed.

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What kind of telemetry data is being handled by App Insights. If necessary dismiss the Queries window that pops up. You can query this data from Log Analytics or your Application Insights resource using cross-resource queries.

To make the best use of the enhancements we have provided few queries to make sense of your assessments data using the new query language. The query language itself actually isnt new at all and has been used extensively by Application Insights for some time. To queryview against the new workspace-based table structureschema you must first navigate to your Log Analytics workspace.

The cross-resource query is not supported in View Designer. Azure Application Insights listing all types of events in the Azure Portal However you dont always want to use this view or Log Analytics or Azure Monitor for the parsing and retreival of data. Selecting Logs Analytics from within the Application Insights panes will give you access to the classic Application Insights query experience.

This provides you with a system-wide view of your data. A great example are remote dependencies – this is an out-of-the-box feature in App Insights that logs all remote dependency calls such as SQL Azure http etc. One query many webmasters and content editors are interested in is which URLs are most popular.

Go to the Application Insight resource scroll down to API access and grab the id and generate a key. There are two kinds of metrics. The Azure Data Explorer cross-service queries flow.

Until now queries were limited to the scope of a single Application Insights app or a single Log Analytics workspace. Another cool thing you can do with App Insights Analytics is join different data types to get a good understanding of whats happening in your app. If youre querying a combination of Log Analytics and Application Insights please use option 1 from within either the AI or LA portals.

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